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Our mission here at Hires Pharmacy is to provide comprehensive pharmaceutical care through the provision of quality drug products and health care supplies and equipment, by qualified, professional pharmacists. We counsel patients, monitor drug therapy and assist physicians and other health care professionals in order to maximize our customers’ health care quality.

Hires Pharmacy will provide the following services to patients:

  • Maintain patient medication records
  • Screen records for drug related problems such as drug interactions, allergies, and non-compliance
  • Provide counseling on all prescription medication to ensure appropriate use
  • Provide information on the proper use of over-the-counter medication
  • Serve as a triage for the community providing advice on minor health problems and referring those in need to other health care practitioners
  • Provide community wellness services such as health screenings for hypertension and diabetes as well as providing information on health behavior
  • Provide emergency after hours prescription service
  • Provide certain specialty products for physicians' special medication needs
  • Provide delivery service for prescription drugs
  • Provide both written and internet resources for medical information through the Hires’ website.